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What Are Distressed Properties?

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The term “distressed property” refers to real estate that is heavily discounted for many potential reasons. Maybe it desperately needs repairs or renovations. It could also be owned by a bank, mortgage lender, or the government due to a tax lien or repossession, or the property could be under foreclosure.

Benefits Of Buying Distressed Properties

So why would you want to pursue a distressed property? The biggest perk is the low price you’ll pay. The right property could allow you to flip the house for a hefty profit! It could also help you get your foot in the door of a desirable neighborhood without the typical price tag.

Incredible Prices & Savings

Flip It For Profit

Move To A Great Neighborhood For Less

Easier Financing With Bank-Owned Properties

Re/Max Concierge Realty Real State Agency in Weston, FL

How We Can Help

Your property is our priority

While many people search for distressed properties on their own, they aren’t equipped with the knowledge and resources to distinguish between a good investment and a money pit.

RE/MAX Concierge Realty® – Weston Real Estate Agency is your guide through this complex process, helping you navigate the search and acquisition process with minimal risk. We keep a firm finger on the pulse of our local market, so we can track down the best options for your budget and plans. Contact us today to find the right distressed property for your real estate goals!