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Your First 30 Days As A Realtor With RE/MAX Concierge

Realty® - Weston Realtor

Are Crucial To Us

Client relationships take time for realtors to develop and rarely blossom overnight. Because of that, we take your first 30 days with RE/MAX Concierge Realty® – Weston Realtor very seriously.

In this time, we will work to establish cadence with you. That includes us gathering your contact info, providing you with ours, and creating new signage. You will also get to meet each of our team members and enjoy the amenities in our office.

You And Your Clients Are A Top Priority

We will work alongside you to create targeted communication plans to impress and inform your clients. This includes helping you bolster your online reputation and presence along with creating effective branding collateral for today’s real estate market. 

Ensuring your clients and other team members can not only find you and your business online, but can also find positive information, your biography, past closings, and other useful details, is principal. We will meet to consider a strategy for your business and determine which websites and resources need to be utilized to start your time at RE/MAX Concierge Realty®. RE/MAX Concierge Realty® – Weston Realtor is a goal-oriented environment.

You'll Get Caught Up

Your first 30 days with RE/MAX Concierge Realty® – Weston Realtor will get you up to speed! After that, we will continue to help you thrive in any way you need.

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